Add and manage private resources and applications

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Welcome to the ZeroGate Applications help page. Here you can learn how to add and manage private resources and applications for your organization.


In this section, you can manage applications to control access to your private resources.

Adding Applications

To create an application, click on the "New Application" button and provide the following information:

  • Domain and port for the application

  • Domain and port alias for the application

  • Icon for the application

  • Protocol (HTTP/HTTPS, SSH, or TCP)

  • Which gateways to use for the application

  • Which users or groups have access to the application

  • Which policies apply to the application


ZeroGate provides a high level of security for your private resources and applications. You can control which users or groups have access to each application, and apply policies that restrict access based on specific criteria. This ensures that only authorized users are able to access your organization's resources.

The applications feature allows you to add and manage your private resources and applications, and ensure that only authorized users have access.

If you have any questions or need further assistance with ZeroGate Applications, please contact our support team.

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